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Business Process Management

Business Process Management (BPM) is fast-emerging as an important management approach or a discipline to bring people, processes and information together. It helps organizations to integrate departments horizontally. It makes the existent applications more process and people driven.

Though organizations have automated existing processes in the past, these processes are more often addressing basic-sequencing of activities to address a process within a vertical. Human centric processes are often missing or existing based on hard coding. Whereas any organization, irrespective of the industry, has many operational processes, each involving people across from several verticals in an organization. For example, an order-execution process often involves extensive collaboration among Sales, Production, Purchasing, Inventory Control, Logistics and Customer Relationship Departments, before an order is executed. These processes have to be constantly changing to keep pace with ever-changing business scenarios. It may also often require many exchanges of information, decisions and approvals before an order is executed. By automating the business processes based on dynamic-visual-process-diagrams, all the process participants, managers and owners are in the loop, to keep a tab on the status of the process or change the processes, on the fly.

To improve any process performance, the first step is to analyze the processes in as-is condition and identify the gaps. The second step is to decide the changes required to be affected to the processes, based on process objectives. And the third step is to automate and implement the changes. The automation of any business processes helps the process-owners to constantly measure the process efficiency, analyze the root causes for time lags and affect changes for further process improvement.

Today BPM is made very easy, without the need for any hard coding involving longer efforts. It is based on dynamic visual process designs, which can be configured with desired rules and properties. The business users can be trained, so that they can manage and control the processes without the help of any support of IT staff.

Synergy has been helping clients in this endeavor from several years, very successfully, resulting in better process optimization and performance-efficiency leading to customer delight.