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Process Automation


All over the world, enterprises are realizing that the traditional applications built in the past have been more data-centric. Today, the execution of any business activity requires very intensive and extensive collaboration among the various departments of the organization. Weak collaboration results in delays in decisions and approvals, ineffective change management systems, gaps in inter-departmental coordination, etc. Consequently, the departments in organizations have been experiencing problems related to operational efficiency including higher costs and ineffective or slower workflow. Today’s backdrop of globalization, drastically changing demographics and increasing global competition requires enterprises to streamline and make operations seamless among departments. Operations in synchrony will enable companies to improve business processes resulting in lower costs, faster turn-around times and better quality.


Synergy India has been helping clients automate business processes since 2006. We have helped our clients improve collaboration, operational capabilities and traceability of transactions. Synergy solutions integrate well with existing applications, and are process driven. To make solutions more people-centric, solutions can be integrated with mobile devices enabling the clients’ managers who are on-the-move to monitor or manage the business processes from anywhere.

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- Written by Chandrasekhar PS, a Certified Process Professional from BP Group