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Professional Services

Synergy has been successful at providing professional services since 1995, resulting in more and more repeated business from clients. Each solution provided is designed to suit the unique business situation that each client has.

Synergy provides custom application development and application management support, as well as customizations, enhancements, migrations and more. Often, clients prefer highly-skilled manpower for their long-term engagements and want Synergy to provide the necessary resources. Synergy gladly provides them through contracting solutions. In the case of software products, Synergy also provides product support with the help of resources, who have been specially trained on the client’s products, usually for L2 /L3 support, which have received several accolades from the clients. Clients often need intensive support in System and Database administration to manage their huge applications and Synergy has been meeting these clients’ demands with ease and to utmost customers’ delight.

Synergy develops strong relationships with clients and a strong familiarity and understanding of the clients’ business needs, so that we can provide effective solutions in the shortest possible time and at a competitive cost.